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Farm Animals

Farm animal food & accessories in the Northern Rivers

Running a farm is a stressful profession. We would know, we ran a farm for many years!
Both Nathan and Natalie were farm owners earlier in their life, handling cattle, pigs, horses and farm animals. It is such a history that puts North Coast Stock Feeds in the best position to assist our customers with their farm animal feed and supply needs.

Whether you are running a farm in Northern Rivers, Ballina or a nearby area, you can count on us for help. We perform weekly and fortnightly feed deliveries to almost every community in the region, while we do not charge any delivery fee for orders that exceed $70!

Farm animal supplies

The supplies that you can invest in from North Coast Stock Feeds include pellets, meal and grain mixes, bedding, calf and kid feeders and mineral blocks. Every item is appropriately sourced from reputable manufacturers, while we strive to maintain the lowest prices in the region.

The best farm animal feeds and supplies should be affordable, which is why we are so proud of the service we provide.

Whether you are managing sheep, pigs, cattle or small animals, you would need various supplies and feeds to keep them healthy. For Instance, we carry calf and feed lot meals, hobby mix and stock nuts as well as hay and feed supplements, calf milk replacer, kangaroo milk replacer, lamb and kid milk replacer and the equipment required to administer these bottles and teats. Any item that is useful in feeding and caring for farm animals is part of our inventory.

We also cater for:
  • Electric fencing and equipment, gates, wire and mesh fencing supplies.
  • Plasson water parts and fittings.
  • Gardening supplies (mulch, soil improvers and potting mix)

Contact us for more information.

Easy ordering

All it takes is a call, email or personal visit and you can place your first order with North Coast Stock Feeds. If you are sure of the items you need, create a list to inquire about pricing and availability. Clients who are not as confident can send us a list of the animals they manage at their farm, and we will let you know about the best-suited products for your needs.

Whether you need scour treatments, internal parasite prevention, vitamins, nest boxes, or feeders, North Coast Stock Feeds is the best place to buy them!

Contact us today to place an order.