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Birds & Poultry

Birds & poultry feed & supplies in the Northern Rivers

Are you running a farm in the Northern Rivers area? Do you have a spacious backyard next to your Ballina home, which allows you to keep a few chickens and birds? Anyone who owns birds and poultry will be happy to know they can count on North Coast Stock Feeds for a wide range of feed and supplies.

Bird supplies

We have a comprehensive range of Jenco, Harvest, AGM & Laucke Mills feed for birds. If you are a new bird owner, we can help you identify the feed that will be best for the long-term health of your pet! Everyone at North Coast Stock Feeds is very knowledgeable about birds, so we can also advise you on the best way to create a hospitable environment for your bird.

North Coast Stock Feeds also carries a range of vitamins, supplements and medicines that will keep your birds healthy and happy. If there is a specific supplement or veterinary item that you need but is not in our stock, we will order it for you immediately.

Our Northern Rivers business is your one-stop shop for bird supplements, medication, bird food, disinfectants and other bird equipment. Given we perform weekly and fortnightly feed deliveries, you will not even need to travel to our location to maintain a steady supply of food for your birds.

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Raising poultry at your home or farm is so much easier with the help of North Coast Stock Feeds. We sell certified organic poultry feed, feeders and drinkers, brood eggs, wormers and chicken coops. The coops are made to order, which means that you can fit many chickens, hens and other poultry in a single coop.

Caring for poultry is not the most tasking job, as they are relatively low maintenance. However, maintaining a proper living space and giving them quality feed will ensure your chickens, hens, and other poultry live longer and produce substantial eggs.

Contact North Coast Stock Feeds to inquire about our bird and poultry feeds and supplies. We will be happy to advise you on the products that best suit your needs, while we do not charge any feed delivery fee for orders over $70.

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